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Backpacker Hostel In Jaisalmer - Jaisalmer, also known as the Golden City stands on a ridge of yellowish sandstone. Crowned by the ancient Jaisalmer Fort, the golden town is guarded on all sides with vast stretches of golden dunes. Alongside the golden Havelis, the place has one of the oldest and the only fortresses in India that inhabit local citizens within its premises till this day. The Sonar Quila, with its majestic sandstone walls, appears tawny lion color during the day, turning to a magical honey-gold as the sunsets. Also, the desert safari at the ship of the deserts i.e. our great camels is altogether a different experience to remember. 

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The Moustache Hostel Jaisalmer is a Haveli converted into a hostel, represents a blend of tradition and culture. Giving you the views of a plot from old times. Located nearby all known tourist spots (within a range of 1Km), Moustache Jaisalmer offers you one-of-a-kind backpacker and Youth Hostel experiences.

Tired of sightseeing? Take a break with good food and good views. 

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The city got an amazing tour to offer. You can explore the fort which is a whole separate world in itself. Including various restaurants and travellers hostels like Zostel Jaisalmer and other tourist spots. And, once done with the tour enjoy our lip-smacking food with an evening to remember. At Moustache Jaisalmer, you can experience breathtaking sunset views from the widest rooftop with the most comfortable sitting area.

So, if you’re planning to take a walking tour in Jaisalmer or simply looking for the best hostels in Jaisalmer then Moustache Hostel is the best backpacker hostel in Jaisalmer. A place with savory food and scenic views. 

Our backpacker hostel Jaisalmer has a beautiful view of the fort. The fort of Jaisalmer, hidden among the beautiful dunes of the Thar Desert, is rich in history and heritage. Jaisalmer Fort is among the most known forts in the country, displaying exquisite artistry. The Sand Dunes are a popular location for Jaisalmer Desert Safaris. Kuldhara Village, approximately 20 kilometers from Jaisalmer's Golden City, was among the most fascinating attraction locations that must be on your agenda. The area is considered to be creepy and ghostly, with plenty of mythology to go around. Moustache Hostel Jaisalmer has so many opportunities for you! 

If you’re thinking of going on a Desert Safari, you're in luck. Your hostel in Jaisalmer will take you for a ride of your lifetime. ! A beautiful and thrilling safari starts right from the doorsteps of Moustache. With the enticing Kuldhara village, dune bashing, private set-ups, bonfires, candlelight dinner, and more! A private setup for you will be arranged to witness the sunset and you can enjoy a bonfire away from any other soul! Pair that with a camel ride and a jeep safari to get yourself the best vacation in the dunes ever! Traditions performances can also be performed on special request! Come Live in the best backpacker hostel Jaisalmer can offer! Come and enjoy the grace of Jaisalmer.

Make a visit to the charming city of Jaisalmer to experience its true grace!!

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Superior Double Room AC

Equipped with Comfortable Double Bed, Bathroom Ensuite, Airconditioning, Charging Points, Bed Lamps, Luggage Tables, Kettle, Tea & Coffee, Mirrors, Television.

Deluxe Double Room AC

Equipped with Comfortable Double Bed, Bathroom Ensuite, Airconditioning, Charging Points, Bed Lamps, Luggage Tables, Kettle, Tea & Coffee, Mirrors, Television.

6 Beds AC Mixed Dorm

Dorm equipped with Bunk beds, Bathroom Ensuite, Lockers, International charging points, Reading Lights, Bed Fans.

6 Beds AC Female Dorm

Female Dorm Equipped with Bunk Beds, Bathroom Ensuite, Lockers, International Charging Points, Reading Lights, Bed Fans.

Double Bed Tent

The Tents are Located at the Property which is Equipped with a Double Bed, Charging Point, Double Bed Linen, The Sitting Area Outside the Tent.

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How to Get Here

From the airport, you can book a private taxi to reach Moustache Jaisalmer. On average, a taxi will cost you around 800 bucks.

The nearest bus stop to Moustache Jaisalmer is Jai Narayan bus stop. From there you can either walk or take an auto to reach our hostel.

The nearest railway station to Moustache Jaisalmer is Gandhi Nagar. From there you can take an auto to reach our hostel.